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Jacob Hemmi


Jacob Hemmi

Mentor: Peter Hornsby, Ph.D., Professor of Cellular and Integrative Physiology

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Undergraduate University: Texas A&M University
Degree Earned: B.S. Molecular and Cellular Biology with Minor: Genetics

My Research Interests:

My research interests currently revolve around the methods of cellular reprogramming, by which practically any cell in the body can be converted into a pluripotent embryonic stem cell-like cell, known as an induced pluripotent stem cell (iPS cell). I believe these cells hold great promise for the future of regenerative medicine, and particularly for individuals of advanced age who could reap the greatest benefit of regenerative therapies. Because older patients are the likely recipients of the majority of future iPS cell therapies, I am currently researching methods to overcome the technical barriers to efficiently generate iPS cells from aged donors. As part of this research I am also interested in investigating if any of the accumulated changes that take place during aging might result in creation of iPS lines that are sub-optimal or even dangerous.

Why I'm interested in studying aging:

I'm interested in aging research as the aging population of baby boomers, and the consequent increase in disease burden, is likely to become one of the major health issues facing our world in the next couple of decades. I also view aging as something that, as we decrease incidence of extrinsic mortality, we only come to affect an ever increasing percentage of the population and therefore, an area where scientific advancement will be necessary.

My future goals:

My current goal after graduation is to pursue a career in teaching.

Hobbies and other interests:

I enjoy swimming, reading, gaming and watching movies.

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