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Eric Baeuerle


Eric Baeuerle

Mentor: Nicolas Musi, M.D., Professor of Medicine

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Undergraduate University:  Rice University, Houston, TX
Degree Earned: B.S. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, B.A. in Political Science

My Research Interests:

My current interests involve investigating the cellular and molecular processes that are associated with regulation of tau protein expression, which is a primary characteristic of Alzheimer’s Disease. In addition, I am interested in investigating possible mechanisms that may connect development of insulin resistance and diabetes with pathogenesis of tau pathology.

Why I'm excited to study aging:

Aging and its associated diseases can impose a significant burden on the livelihood of individuals, yet we are only now beginning to understand some of the causes of aging and particular interventions to reduce some of the complications of aging. Understanding the pathogenesis of some of these chronic and debilitating diseases such as Type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other age-associated conditions is crucial for improving the well-being of our elderly and aging population. As a member of the world-renowned Barshop Institute, I’m excited to study aging here because of the wealth of knowledge available to me through the various faculty, post-docs, and other students.

My future goals:

As a future clinician-scientist, I hope to integrate the skills that I have developed during my graduate school studies into future research endeavors. To that end, I hope to eventually end up in a Physician Scientist Training Program for my clinical residency so that I may continue my involvement in aging-related research during my professional development. Eventually, I hope to be able to use my clinical experiences to help guide future research topics in my own lab, and to use the resulting discoveries in a bench-to-bedside manner to aid in improvement of patient conditions and outcomes.

Awards and Honors:

  • 2017 - Glenn Doctoral Student Fellowship in the Biology of Aging, Glenn Foundation for Medical Research
  • 2015 - Bowen-Vogt Fund Scholarship, UT Health San Antonio
  • 2015 - Joe R. and Teresa Long MD/PhD Scholars Award, UT Health San Antonio
  • 2014 - William Randolph Hearst Medical Student Scholarship, UT Health San Antonio


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